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Sober October

It’s here, and you can do it!

Sober October is here, and all around the world, people will stop drinking for a month to help themselves and others. Whether it is lockdown drinking or getting back out there celebrations, drinking is increasing for the first time in many years. This year more than any other, we could all use a reset. 

If you want to stop drinking for October for the first time or enjoyed it the previous year, we have some hints and tips to make your sober October a success!

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Sober October: Hints & Tips

Sober October Tips

Get Our Hints & Tips & 31 Days’ Of Ideas To Stay Sober

So, October is here. The perfect opportunity to cut out booze, whether it’s just for this month or to give abstinence a longer term go.

Whatever your goals for stopping drinking, here’s some helpful hints and tips to help you stay off alcohol, and also 31 tips for every day in October!

Some are easier than others, and others are more helpful than some – do some of them or do all of them everyday, whatever waorks for you.

And, you are not alone, connect with us on social media for more hints and tips each day!

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Pills To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Tablets & Pills to stop drinking alcoholMedications, Supplements and Tablets For Alcohol

Whether you hope to cut down on drinking or need a full detox, it is always good to get help and support. We highly recommend counselling and support groups to get you through this time – and especially seek medical advice if your alcohol withdrawals are severe and medical detox is required.

From a physical point of view, even moderate withdrawal can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many pills to stop drinking as much as you do or to stop completely.

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Drinking Alcohol and Headaches

Why Drinking Alcohol Hurts Your Head

Alcohol-induced headaches can strike at any time. Whether it is after the first few sips or the day after a binge, alcohol headaches can be uncomfortable and worrying.

Most people who drink alcohol have experienced a headache because of drinking. For the majority, this is the morning after drinking and part and parcel of a hangover. 

For some, though, headaches are more severe and can happen during or shortly after drinking alcohol.

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The Pharmacology Of Alcohol

Picture of brainHow Alcohol Affects The Brain and Body

Following ingestion, alcohol is rapidly absorbed by the gut and enters the blood-stream with a peak in blood alcohol concentration after 30 to 60 minutes.

Alcohol is then distributed around every part of the body. It readily crosses the blood–brain barrier to enter the brain where it causes subjective or psychoactive and behavioural effects, and, following high levels of chronic alcohol intake, it can cause cognitive impairment and brain damage.

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Best Vitamins For Liver Repair

Vitamins and Minerals To Rejuvenate Your Liver

Liver disease from the over-consumption of alcohol remains a large problem in the UK and worldwide.

There are many ways to help your liver but which vitamins are best for liver repair? It depends on what stage and the damage done to your liver from alcohol.

There are four stages of alcoholic liver disease (ALD): steatosis, steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, and combined steatohepatitis and cirrhosis. All but the latter stages (End-stage Liver disease – ESLD) are reversible. 

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Happy Pills or Natural Antidepressants?

Medications & Supplements To Treat Mental Health

Happy pills can mean any medication or supplement you take to treat mental health problems. This includes prescription and natural antidepressants.

It’s a tempting idea. Take a pill and you will feel happy again. But what are they and what can they really do for us?

The reasons for depression are still mysterious although there are strong links to trauma, substance abuse and alcoholism.

With 30 million sufferers, a number ever climbing, depression is in dire need of more effective treatments.

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Graham’s Case Study

The Price Of Drinking Too Much

Graham had never had a problem with alcohol – until lockdown.

So, when the pandemic hit, Graham, 58, took early retirement. “I had worked hard in my career, so maybe this was the time to enjoy the fruits of my labour.”

An increase in his drinking during the pandemic lockdown derailed his pans to enjoy his early retirement. A previously moderate habit started to balloon quickly.

Read what it was like for Graham, what happened, and how he is now.

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