About Desistal

About Desistal and The Team Behind It

Whether you are struggling with a severe dependence to alcohol or simply wondering how to reduce alcohol intake, Desistal can offer the support you need. Desistal is a natural alcohol detox supplement to help you stop drinking and manage withdrawal symptoms. Our team of former treatment clinic counsellors and alcohol specialists chose the best ingredients for withdrawal symptoms and general health improvement.

The toll that overuse of alcohol takes on our bodies is subtle but significant. We may simply notice that we are more tired, a little slower mentally or short-tempered. These are signs we need to control our drinking.

Thankfully the body is miraculous and detoxes and heals naturally. Desistal is designed to aid your body in returning to health through its detox supplements Bacopa Monnieri, Acetate and MCT Oil.

Who Should take Desistal?

Alcohol cravings can happen to anyone who has become physically dependent on drinking. This could be a simply overuse or more acute.

In our team’s many years in the treatment industry, we have found many people looking for a natural, non-prescription option to cut out alcohol. The ingredients in Desistal are designed to air the body’s natural detoxification process.

These natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal also support you in dealing with liver detox symptoms.

Is Desistal right for me?

  • Are you experiencing cravings for alcohol when you stop drinking?
  • Do you want more support with an at-home prescription detox?
  • Would you prefer to try a natural remedy for alcohol cravings?
  • Are you experiencing PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome) long after your last drink?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Desistal could help you. Learn more about the science behind Desistal.

Who shouldn’t take Desistal?

Desistal is an excellent natural alternative to some pills to stop drinking in the UK. Most of these are prescription-only and can have unwanted side effects or be restricted to people with certain medical conditions.

Desistal has some restrictions on who should use the ingredients it contains. We recommend that you consult with your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist if you have any long-term medical conditions to ensure the ingredients are suitable for you.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

As with many supplements and medications, there has not been enough research done into Bacopa Monnieri, one of our main ingredients to say whether it is safe in pregnancy or not. This is in line with most general and detox supplements.

The Desistal team

Our team is a motivated group of former treatment centre staff, alcohol counsellors and advisors. During our near 20 years in the field, we have noticed more and more people looking for an effective natural option for detox at home.

Among those people are our team members. We searched for detox supplements during our own recovery.

We put our heads (and years of experience) together and selected the natural ingredients we felt would be most beneficial during natural alcohol detox. And so Desistal was born!

Our hope is to create, through Desistal, a safe, natural, and home-based form of support during alcohol detox. Beating alcohol completely or reducing alcohol intake is tough. We could all use a little help.