MCT Oil Alcohol Detox

If you are considering stopping or cutting down on drinking, you might want to try concentrated MCT Oil alcohol detox tablets to help you stop. Quitting drinking is a challenge, and it is good to have all the help you can get.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) is added to alcohol detox supplements like Desistal to improve lagging energy levels. Overusing alcohol for a long time can leave us tired and listless. Research suggests that MCTs are fat that our body can more easily take in and change into energy. Despite the chemical-sounding name, MCT oil is an all-natural product. The most well-known source of the product is Coconut oil used in health and beauty products worldwide. The MCT oil found in Desistal is a concentrated extract from coconut oil to enhance its effects.

How Does MCT Oil Help Alcohol Detox?

We want several things from alcohol detox supplements and other detox treatments. The first is to make us feel better physically and mentally. This means returning our health to normal, which is a natural process our body does when we stop using something harmful.

The alcohol detox process is necessary but tiring, and it uses a lot of our body’s energy. MCT oil can help us with this as it is easier for our body to convert to energy from Medium Chain Triglycerides than their long-chain counterparts.

Cravings are one of the hardest parts of detoxing from alcohol and the most likely reason for relapse. Further research has been done on the ability of MCT oil to kill yeast in the body. These studies have suggested that this could reduce sugar and alcohol cravings.

For those who want tablets to stop drinking or cut down MCT pills, like Desistal, can help in the detox and recovery phase.

Try Desistal to Stop Drinking

MCT Oil and NAD+ and NADH

The NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) ratios in the body during detox provide various functions. Many of these are extremely beneficial to those undergoing alcohol detox. Improving NAD levels in the body has been linked to improvements in energy, longevity, and addiction neurobiology.

There are two main theories about why NAD treatment helps those with alcohol dependence. Firstly, it binds to the receptors associated with addictive substances and prevents craving this way. Also, a general improvement in well-being, energy levels and health leaves you more equipped to handle withdrawal.

How Does it Reduce Alcohol Cravings?

MCT oil has been shown to increase Ketone levels, which improves NAD+ levels in the body. There are several ways of administering NAD therapy, including NAD+ supplements like Desistal. There are other options, too, such as NAD IV and injections available.

If you prefer to use pills to stop drinking, however, Desistal provides the least invasive and time-consuming option. If you are interested in learning more about NAD supplements or NAD IV, our team are experts in the various forms of NAD therapy.

When choosing alcohol detox supplements, you should target the symptoms you are experiencing.

Try Desistal to Stop Drinking

How to Help Your Alcohol Cravings

  • Improve your general health – the stronger you are, the better you can fight cravings
  • Detox supplements – replace what alcohol has taken away from your body
  • Cut out alcohol – don’t ‘take the edge off’; this will just continue the cycle
  • Use Desistal – If you want to detox from alcohol naturally at home, Desistal can provide you with the support you need as part of a healthier lifestyle. Our detox packs are available here or call us today on 0141 301 2279 for more information and guidance on how to stop drinking or how to reduce your alcohol intake

MCT Oil and Liver Protection

MCT and alcohol are both metabolised in the liver. The effect of MCT oil is positive, though. It encourages your body to release fat as energy, whereas alcohol needs to be broken down. Endotoxemia is a side-effect of too much alcohol consumption and leads to fatty liver disease. MCT Oil has been studied for how it protects against endotoxemia and how taking MCT oil can prevent some of the damage done by alcohol.

After Detox

If you experience withdrawal, you have an addiction and should abstain from alcohol if you can. Taking a supplement to stop drinking will help you stay healthy and feel your best going ahead. We also recommend support groups, counselling and building a strong network of supportive friends and family.


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