Apple Vinegar (ACV)

Gaining in popularity as one of the main natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal, Acetate has a number of benefits for detox.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Alcohol?

Detox is a natural process your body does when you stop consuming something, particularly something that is damaging to your health. While this sounds simple anyone who drinks too much and stops will know it can be a real challenge. While your body can detox itself it can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant process.

Detox supplements such as apple cider vinegar are there to support you in body and mind while your body does its amazing job and rids you of the influence of alcohol.

Perhaps the most interesting of all are the mental health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Alcohol detox has physical side effects but one of the hardest barriers is how you feel about yourself and your relationship with alcohol.

Acetate and Mental Health

A recent study done during the COVID-19 pandemic indicated the possible benefits of acetate to mental health. The people in the study were chosen as the pandemic led to an increase in depression, anxiety and alcoholism. The study showed a 20-34% reduction in low mood when compared to a placebo group.

Those behind the study believe this is due to apple cider vinegar’s effect on the metabolism of glycine and serine. These are two amino acids used in treating mental health conditions such as depression. As low mood is a very common side effect of withdrawal, getting support is important when detoxing from alcohol.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Reflux and Gut Health

Those going through natural alcohol detox will often find their stomach is uncomfortable and cramps are common. Even after just overdoing it stomach and bowel issues are frequently an issue. The scientific name ethanoic acid presents the first benefit in the normal functioning of your gut.

A further benefit of better functioning gut is an improvement in the absorption and metabolism of sugars. More controlled sugar levels which have long been linked to acetate give us more energy at a time we may be feeling listless and tired. Due the high levels of sugar in many types of alcohol lowering and moderating your blood sugar levels can help with both a regular hangover and alcohol withdrawal.

Why Take Detox Supplements?

While it is possible to use apple cider vinegar in its raw form many people prefer using supplement pills to stop drinking. Although there are benefits when it comes to vitamin supplements for alcohol recovery, the pungent smell of acetate can be off-putting. Apple cider vinegar tablets spare you the taste and smell. This is especially important when you may already be feeling nauseous from natural alcohol detox. Taking it in capsule form, such as Desistal is more pleasant and easier to take a concentrated amount.

How Long Does it Take to Stop Craving Alcohol?

Ten days is the initial period of cravings from alcohol withdrawal. However, PAWS post-acute withdrawal syndrome can continue for months. Building up your health and nutrition can help combat PAWS and improve your recovery. You may be hoping to quit or wondering how to reduce alcohol intake, Desistal can help. The ingredients in our alcohol detox supplements can support your return to a normal healthy happy life. Combined with our other ingredients Bacopa Monnieri and MCT Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar creates an ideal blend of ingredients for natural alcohol detox.


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