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What to Drink Instead of Alcohol

Habit and social pressure are common causes of drinking too much. Picking up a non-alcoholic drink instead of your usual can make a huge difference to your health, happiness and lifestyle. One of the most common questions our team receives is what drink to take Desistal alcohol detox supplements with and how to shake the habit of pouring a glass of wine or beer every day. Below are some of our team’s favourite, tried and tested alternatives to drinking alcohol.

Why Do You Drink Alcohol?

How many times have you heard someone talk about drinking to relax? It is a fairly common sentiment here in the UK. Whether someone generally believes it or just relies on the idea to justify alcohol consumption, booze isn’t the answer. There are other ways to relax without opening the bottle.

Granted, we often associate relaxation with social gatherings. We associate it with sitting down and enjoying a good drink. Could you relax equally well with an alternative beverage if everything else in your environment were the same?

While you think about that, some very good alternatives to beer, wine, and spirits are listed below. Consider replacing alcohol with them whenever possible, especially if you justify drinking for its ability to help you relax.

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Alternatives to Beer

One could make the case that beer is the most consumed alcohol in the world. Whether it is or not, a lot of us are familiar with the concept of stopping by the pub for a pint after work. We are familiar with the practice of getting together with friends for a night of beer consumption.

Here are some of our favourite alternatives to beer:

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  • Alcohol-Free Beer

Also known as 0-Beer (non-alcoholic beer), has come a long way over the last 30 years. Back in the early days, there were just one or two brands that didn’t taste very good. Today, consumers have a lot more choices. Not only that, non-alcoholic beer tastes surprisingly good.

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  • Low-Sugar Soft Drinks

If you prefer something familiar and widely available, then low-sugar, fizzy drinks can be a great option. These can offer the tangy taste of beer without the hangover and weight gain.


  • Kombucha

One of the hottest trends in beverages right now is a fermented tea drink known as kombucha. Like alcohol-free beer, there may be trace amounts of alcohol in commercial kombucha. Be sure to read the labels before you buy. With the additional benefit of under 10 calories per can, a savoury, tangy taste and numerous health properties.

The one thing all these options have in common is carbonation. You get that same carbonated ‘punch’ you normally get from beer but without the alcohol. Some of the beverages in this category might also be considerably lower in calories.

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Alternatives to Wine

Relaxing with a glass of wine has become a tradition for many people. But if you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake, an alternative to replacing that nightly drink is in hand. Once again, there are plenty of choices:

  • Alcohol-Free Wines

Just as with beer, you can purchase alcohol-free wines in most supermarkets. Alcohol-free products tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional wine, but you won’t have to compromise on taste. Also, because you don’t pay duty on 0% wine, it will be cheaper than the alcohol version.

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  • Mixed Fruit Juices

Fruit juices can easily substitute for wine and offer you a burst of flavour at the same time. Don’t skimp and spend as much on a really nice juice and maybe some chopped-up fruit to go in it, as you would on your alcoholic drink choice. Come up with your own recipes, or look online. You’ll find something that satisfies your taste buds.

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  • Cold or Hot Tea

Tea is an institution in the UK. Try a cup of hot or cold tea instead of wine. You can check out traditional teas, herbal teas, and even sun-brewed tea beverages.

If none of these alternatives sounds good to you, you might also consider flavoured waters. Sparkling grape juice is another option. It is red or white grape juice infused with carbonation.

Alternatives to Spirits

Finding alternatives to spirits allows you the opportunity to be incredibly creative. How so? By learning to make mocktails. A mocktail is a cocktail without any alcohol in it. Here’s the best part: you can find all sorts of mocktail mixer products in supermarkets.

Use a mocktail mixer as a basis for creating your own signature mocktails. If you don’t want to use a prepackaged mixer, go online and find some recipes that look interesting enough to try. You might be surprised to learn that you have an inner mixologist just waiting to break out.

Choosing mocktails over spirits lets you skip the alcohol without giving up the experience of creating fantastic drinks. You can still be the life of the party as you stand behind the bar, mixing your own creations for guests.

Alcohol is a big part of the British culture. It is embedded in so much of what we do. But alcohol isn’t necessary to relax. There are other ways to do it. You just need the right mindset. Give it a try by choosing alternative beverages. Then, set the mood and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised.

What Else Helps You Cut Down On Drinking?

There are lots of great ways to cut down on your alcohol consumption. One thing we always recommend is finding something else to replace drinking alcohol and doing it at times when you are craving your usual drinks.

Detox supplements can help with cravings as well as improve low mood, which is commonly caused by withdrawal from alcohol.