Sober October Tips & Hints

Sober October Helpful Hints
– And A Tip For Each Day!!

So, October is here. The perfect opportunity to cut out booze, whether it’s just for this month or to give abstinence a longer-term go.

Whatever your goals for stopping drinking, here are some helpful tips to help you stay off alcohol and 31 tips for every day in October!

Some are easier than others, and others are more helpful than some – do some of them or do all of them daily, whatever works for you.

And you are not alone. Connect with us on social media for more hints and tips each day!

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Before & When You Stop For Sober October

Here are some handy tips to help prepare you for stopping throughout the whole of October:

    • Start reducing your alcohol
    • Take supplements
    • Work out your weekly routine during October
    • Think about your daily schedule
    • Get the support of family & friends – share your goals and achievements
    • Try and exercise daily – set exercise goals
    • Remove alcohol from the house
    • Steer clear of people who drink and places where people drink
    • Take your weight at the start of October and again at the end
    • Hydrate – drink at least 2 litres a day (or one fluid ounce or 30ml of water per day for every pound you weigh)

31 Days Of Sober October Tips

    1. List the reasons you’re stopping – health, time, family, money, mood, etc
    2. Exercise sober OctoberTake vitamins & nutrient supplements
    3. Detox using fruit and vegetables and lots of water
    4. Download a motivational & inspirational app
    5. Laugh – watch your favourite comedy, call a funny friend or watch stand-up on YouTube
    6. Cook something new – something you’ve never tried
    7. Work out your triggers
    8. Plan your weekend ahead
    9. Online yoga – lots free on YouTube
    10. Borrow a pet (or spend more time with your own)
    11. Read a self-help/recovery book
    12. Meditate quietly and breathe
    13. Get better sleep
    14. Practice Mindfulness
    15. Download a helpful app
    16. Reading books sober OctoberGet a massage or reflexology
    17. Work out how much you would have spent on alcohol
    18. Take a supplement
    19. Find out about relapse prevention
    20. Join a new social media group
    21. Get involved in a charity
    22. Spend time in nature
    23. Treat yourself with the money you’ve saved
    24. Draw, paint or colour-in
    25. Speak to someone you haven’t spoken to for some time
    26. Write a gratitude list
    27. Listen to a podcast
    28. Take a long bath, shower or spa day
    29. Make a music playlist of your favourite, upbeat happy songs
    30. Drink more water – keep hydrated
    31. Deal with that thing you’ve been putting off

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