Sober October

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Want to Go Sober for October?

Sober October is here, and all around the world, people will stop drinking for a month to help themselves and others. Whether it is lockdown drinking or getting back out there celebrations, drinking is increasing for the first time in many years. This year more than any other, we could all use a reset. 

If you want to stop drinking for October for the first time or enjoyed it the previous year, we have some hints and tips to make your sober October a success!

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Alcohol-Free Home

This one can be hard, especially if you have a well-stocked cabinet. You hardly want to get rid of your single malt collection. Nor do we suggest drinking it to empty the house. 

  • Don’t buy alcohol – avoid the drinks aisle in the supermarket.
  • Store any undrunk bottles somewhere out of sight and out of mind. A garage or cupboard keeps you from seeing and being tempted.
  • Give drinks away. You can give unopened bottles as gifts or ask a relative to store them away for Christmas.
  • Buy and store alternatives. A selection of your favourite non-alcoholic drinks can help curb the habit and offer an alternative treat.

Do Something Else

So many of us use alcohol as a nightly reward or wind down. Unfortunately, this can lead to drinking daily, which is dangerous for your heart, liver, and mental health. This is called ‘Habit Drinking’ and means a change of routine is needed to stop drinking. 

Replacing this habit with a better one can be life-changing. Timing can be key. For example, you will think less about drinking if you are out at the pool or taking night classes when you would normally be tempted.

  • Find a hobby or sport you have always wanted to try.
  • Avoid activities where drinking will be part and parcel.
  • Try replacing drinking with this activity. 
  • Time your activity for when you would normally be tempted to drink.

Sober Socialising

People who drink, tend to gravitate towards other drinkers but breaking this cycle goes a long way towards staying sober. Even for people who have sworn off alcohol for life, being in social situations with alcohol can be tough. We recommend finding social activities and spending time with friends who don’t drink. 

  • Attend naturally sober events like daytime activities, markets, sports, coffee shops etc.
  • Avoid drinking-focused events, pubs and places you would normally drink.
  • Try making new friends who don’t drink. Doing sober activities and sports naturally leads to meeting people who drink less. You may find these friendships are based on mutual interests and lives rather than convenient drinking relationships. 
  • Convince a friend, spouse or partner to join you. It will be easier if you have someone to share your new sobriety with.

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Order 2 Packs & Pay for 1 with Code: SOBOCT

Eating and (non-alcoholic) Drinking

One of the best things about stopping drinking for a month is how good you will feel. As you detox from alcohol, you will improve your sleeping, eating, health and fitness. 

Mental health improves with stopping drinking as well. You can do many things to support this and make the most of going sober for October. 

  • Drinking leads us to eat less healthy food and provides empty calories from alcohol. Losing weight is a great motivation for stopping drinking in October.
  • Make the most of the energy boost you get from quitting alcohol and try exercising or even walking more. 
  • Find a delicious alcohol-free drink you genuinely enjoy. Don’t be afraid to splash out a few soft drinks that are anywhere near the price of alcohol.
  • Choose a new healthy diet. Cooking makes a great sober hobby, and your body benefits too.
  • Get lots of sleep. Enjoy feeling amazing in the morning! Drinking disrupts your sleep patterns and quality of rest.

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Enjoy More Money

The cost of drinking is high and ever-increasing. We aren’t just talking about what you pay for your bottles. Nights out, taxis, broken phones and lost wallets are all big expenditures. You’ll likely find you end sober in October with a lot more cash in your account.

  • Use your savings from sober October to buy yourself something nice.
  • Motivate yourself by adding up how much you have saved. Consider using it for a new sober hobby or sports membership. 

Alcohol Detox Supplements

Supplements for alcohol detox are designed to make stopping easier on your body and mind. They also boost the positive effects giving you the motivation to keep going with quitting alcohol.

  • Take the supplements when you would normally drink. Consider it a replacement and reminder of why you stopped drinking.
  • Target any symptoms you have from alcohol detox by choosing the right supplement.
  • Pair supplements with a healthy diet and enjoyable hobbies and sports.
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 Focus on the Positive

Many people get stuck in a cycle where they think they enjoy drinking when it has the opposite effect. This is a common thing across all activities.

Remember why you are doing this if you are sad or left out because of sober October. While enjoying the odd drink is perfectly healthy for most of us, a low mood and not enjoying life without alcohol is a sign of dependence. 

Get out there and make the most of better sleep, health and happiness from sober October. Never forget to enjoy yourself.